Alyssa Beard LMT
    Meet Your New LMT:

    Hi, I'm Alyssa!

    I offer personalized massages with envigorating circulation encouragement, sustained pressure for tension relief and harmonious stokes to soothe your stress.

    Elevated relaxation right in the comfort of your own home. What are you waiting for? 

    See Me Today! (:

    Call or Text: (954) 546-1269


    Miami-Dade Inquiries


    Monday - Thursday

    10AM - 3PM 

    Massage Sessions starting at $145*

    Broward Inquiries


    Monday - Friday

    9AM - 6 PM

     Massage Sessions starting at $115*

    Palm Beach Inquiries


    Monday - Thursday

    10AM - 3PM

     Massage Sessions starting at $135*

    Attention New Clients:

    A photo ID is required prior to finalizing a booking.

     ID MUST have your name on it. This is for identification purposes and to verify you are who you say you are. 

    Thank You for your cooperation.